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 Research Areas


  1. Energy efficient building envelopes


  2. BIM based infrastructure/facility data visualization/analysis, and non-destructive testing

3D bridge inspection/maintainance data management system

     3. Participatory BIM-Game virtual environment  

  LearnHVACsystems (Unity3D plugin is not working with Chrome)

       4. BIM based safety and productivity simulations 



Funded projects

1. "3D Bridge Condition Rating System", NDOR, (PI), 2013-2015
2. "Collaborative Research: A Case-Based Multidimensional Virtual Environment (CMVE)", NSF (PI), 2011-2013
3. "IMPACT-Trade Adjustment Assistance", US DOL (Co-PI), 2013-2015
4. "Veterans Commissioning Training Program for Commercial-Healthcare Facilities", US DOE (PI), 2010-2013
5. "Advanced Decentralized Water/Energy Design for Sustainable Infrastructure", US EPA (Co-PI), 2009-2014
6. "Building Energy Efficient Homes for America (BEEHA)", US DOE (Co-PI), 2011-2012
7. "Home Building Education Leadership Program (HELP)", NAHB (Co-PI), 2009-2012
8. "Assessing Impacts of Mixed Reality Jobsite (MRJ)", DSAEC Seed Grant (PI), 2011-2013
9. "Impact of Attic Design on Energy Performance of Residential Buildings", UNL Faculty Seed Grant (PI), 2009-2010
10."Building and Construction Virtual Simulation." UCARE (PI), 2010
11."Virtual Simulations of Medical Facility Renovation using BIM" UCARE (PI), 2010


 The following sponsors provided grants and financial supports for the past and ongoing research projects:





Publications ( 1 Student/Post Doc ; *Corresponding Author)


Journal Articles

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Conference Papers/Abstracts

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Book Chapter

  1. O'Brien, W., Issa R., Shen, Z., and Xie, H. (2004), "Configurable environments: a vision for future project information technologies" in Kazi, S. (ed.) Knowledge Management in the Construction Industry: A Socio-technical Perspective, Idea Group Publishing, Hershey, PA 17033, USA, 339-358.



The BiiM Lab occcupys about 620 SF floor space in Room 122 Nebraska Hall, City Campus. The lab's computational infrastructure includes Linux and Windows servers, and a small HPC cluster with 100+ core processors and GPUs for image procesing, data analysis/visualization, and computation intensive tasks. The cluser includes several high-performance workstations, and is connected to a 18'x6' CineMassive LED wall display. Major BIM software were installed on the lab computers. Major lab equipment also include high-performance infrared imaging camaras, pro-level UAVs with on-board 4K camera, and 3D photogrametry modeling software.




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