DSAEC            UNL



         1. Zhigang Shen, Ph.D., Associate Professor


Current students:


           Ph.D. Candidates


1. Chongsheng Cheng




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2. Zhexiong Shang




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Ph.D. Students


1. Guanyao Xu



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Former members:


1. Ri Na, Ph.D. 2017

   Dissertation: "A Comprehensive Evaluation of Potential Energy Savings Using Self-ventilated Cavity Walls"


2. Endong Wang, Ph.D. 2013, assistant professor, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, TN

    Dissertation: "Addressing uncertainties in residential energy performance benchmarking and projecting through data mining approach"



1. Lalitha Nandam, M.S, 2015, The Weitz Company, Omaha, NE

   Thesis: "Evaluate Students’ Learning Effectiveness of HVAC System Using 3D Game Animations"

2. Xiaoxiang Xue, MS, 2014, Jacobs Engineering Group, Omaha, NE

    Thesis: N/A

3. Ri Na, MS, 2013, PhD. student at UNL, Lincoln, NE

    Thesis: "Investigating the Impact of Construction Quality on the Energy Performance of Residential Building—A Case Study"

4. Ashkan Hassani, MS, 2013, Iran

    Thesis: "Applications of Cobb-Douglas Production Function in Construction Time-Cost Analysis"

5. Vijay Durvarsula, MS, 2012, McCarthy Building Companies, Inc., Houston, TX

    Thesis: "Integrated 3D Visualization to Facilitate Component-Based Bridge Condition Rating"

6. Landu Jiang, MS, 2012, (co-chair, MS in computer science), PhD. student at McGill University, Canada

    Thesis: "A WLAN Fingerprinting Based Indoor Localization Technique"

7. Endong Wang, MS, 2011, Assistant professor, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, TN

    Thesis: "Incorporating Uncertainties into Building Life Cycle Assessment(LCA) by Using Stochastic Approach"


         1. Shimin Wang (from 2011 - 2012), professor, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences


Visisting professor

        1. Hong Chen, 2011-2012, professor, Zhengzhou University, China


Other graduate students

       1. Hashem Izodi (2014-2015), PhD. student at Univrsity of Florida

       2. Ramin Shamsi (2012), Ph.D student at University of Oregon

       3. Hongwei Wang (2011), Standard & Poor's, NYC

       4. Karan Karki (2009-2011), Nepal


Undergraduate students

      1. Amanda Matsui, 2016

      2. Andy Baruth, 2011

      3. Jeff Webert, 2009

      4. Joe Jelden, 2008